52 Weeks to a Free Christmas!


52 Weeks to a #Free #Christmas via the Frugal Navy Wife – http://pinterest.com/pin/191614159119952745/

Found this on Pinterest and thought it would a be a good one to share!

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My Family’s Gluten-Free Week #1!


Well, I’ve discovered some things in our first gluten free week:

1) Gluten Free products should all be labeled so the shopper doesn’t have to read every, single ingredient on EVERY. SINGLE. PACKAGE. Only about 1/4 of the items I bought in my shopping trip were labeled “gluten-free”. The photo below shows all the products out of my trip that were labeled.

2) Gluten Free shopping takes FOREVER in the beginning. See #1 for the reason why…

3) Gluten Free shopping can be really expensive. Our grocery bill doubled last week. I’m sure I’ll get better at it, but there aren’t as many coupons and items are considered “specialty” and cost more.

4) Gluten Free bread (at least the two brands I’ve tried this far) is very dense, can be dry, and is $5-6 for a loaf that yields about 12 slices. My son hates it.

5) ibotta has been my best bet for saving money on gluten free products so far. They actually have a lot of choices for the gluten free crowd.

6) Rice pasta noodles taste just like regular pasta! It’s great 🙂

7) I think shopping at speciality stores and health food stores may be a better bet than my local standard store like Walmart or even Target. (Giant Eagle Market District has a great selection, though.)

8) There are a ton of apps to help make the transition easier. I downloaded Find Me GF today and like it so far!

9) It’s a little more work, but it’s not impossible.

So, that’s week #1 🙂


I made this bean and mushroom soup with a vegetable broth and it was gluten gluten-free deliciousness!

*May contain affiliate links. All opinions are always my own