Amazon Prime now available at reduced cost for those with active EBT cards


Jeramey Lende /

Those who have a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer card (used for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs- also known as food stamps), are now eligible for a reduced cost of $5.99 per month for Amazon Prime benefits, which includes free shipping on eligible items and streaming services. This is a reduced rate from their regular monthly cost of $10.99. They also offer a yearly rate of $99, when paid in advance for the year. 

This will be of huge benefit to those who are disabled, elderly, without transportation, unable to leave their homes, and living in food deserts. The $5.99 per month will be very cost effective for folks who would otherwise need to pay for public transportation, a grocery delivery service, or a taxi/ride service to get to the store to purchase needed items and groceries throughout the month, as most of those options cost well over $5.99 per month.

Rumor has been circulating that Amazon is in the works to accept EBT food benefits in the future, which will be a great addition to this program and enable low-income households to access food and products at lower costs to help make the most of their budgets. It also enables those in areas where grocery stores are a far distance from home or fresh foods aren’t available or are grossly overpriced to have healthier options for their families at affordable prices. 

To apply, simply head to Amazon’s qualification website and enter your info for review. You may also choose to enroll in the free 30 day trial of Prime benefits there. The site requires both your EBT card number (it states it will only be used for validation) and a photo of your valid card to be uploaded for verification. 

This is also a beneficial move for Amazon, who is attempting to compete with Walmart for the business of low-income households. According to Greg Greeley, VP of Amazon Prime, this aims to make “selection and savings more accessible, including the many conveniences and entertainment benefits of Prime”.

My kids loved the Disney movie Frozen and I found the cutest toys to surprise them with :)


I signed up for the Amazon Prime Free 30 day trial last month before Christmas to take advantage of the free two day shipping on so many items. My trial is up on the 12th of this month (which is fast approaching!). There’s no minimum order for the free shipping on Prime eligible products so I don’t have to spend $35 to get free shipping and it’s way faster than the regular free shipping they offer, so that’s a bonus!

My mom took my kids to see Disney Frozen in the theater and they loved it. They wrote a note to Santa last week asking him if he could send any leftover Frozen toys that he found while cleaning up his workshop. (Adorable!)

So, I decided now’s the perfect time while I still have free shipping and I found a ton of awesome ideas. If your child loved the movie, too, these may be a cool little surprise when you combine them with the free Prime trial shipping. Just remember to cancel by 30 days so you don’t get charged… I put a reminder in my phone 🙂

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