Let me introduce myself :)


I’m Amy


I have two amazing kids and an awesome nephew that is with us on a lot of our adventures and a wonderful boyfriend, Ryan.


I am an advocate for attachment parenting and my kids are the light of my life. My son has Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and ADHD which I feel makes him all the more awesome.


A little about me:
*I’m a vegetarian and have been since childhood. My kids and boyfriend aren’t vegetarians.
*I have Lupus and Behcet’s disease
*I’m a Science nerd. I LOVE Science.
*My college was originally focused around Agricultural Genetic Engineering, but I switched to Geography, Surveying, and Geographic Information Sciences.
*I’m a big art fan. My favorite artist is Mark Rothko.
*I believe experiences are a big part of the heart of life.
*I have OCD and PTSD
*I’ve studied Buddhism for decades and consider myself an Atheist, but honestly don’t really think about religion much, until I see the evidence of one specific religion being true. I don’t hate religions, I just don’t care for them for myself. My children are given info and experiences in as many religions as I can get my hands on so they can make an educated decision for themselves.
*I love tattoos
*I feel I have experienced a lot in life and can’t wait for more.
*I have lost two men who were the light in my life: my Granddad (he’s on the right)


and my best friend/”one of the great ones”


I’m excited to share deals, ideas, fun, and anything I think a parent would like to read. 
Thanks so much for being along for the ride!


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