Hatch Jewelry Ambassador Program review and FREE trial link!



I stumbled upon Hatch Jewelry a few months ago and loved the cool, artsy style but I really wasn’t in a place financially to purchase jewelry. I would just browse their site and drool over the beautiful pieces…handmade necklaces and bracelets, unusual earrings, stylish rings, and statement pieces that make me want to never wear my lazy sweatpants again! (If you know me, that’s a feat. lol)

Then, it all changed.

A little over a month ago, they introduced their Hatch Ambassador program and my dreams came true! The Ambassador program is kind of like a Netflix of jewelry. You can try out pieces as long as you like, then return and get new ones. OR you can keep any pieces that you just can’t part with at 20% off the retail price! This is the most awesome way to try before you buy. The best part is that it’s only $19/month and they put $10 of that into a savings that can roll over up to three months ($30!), which you are able to put toward the cost of any item you decide to keep! With my referral link, you’re able to try the Hatch Ambassador program for yourself for two weeks FREE! Here’s how it works:

When you join, they ask that you browse through their site and add at least 6 items to your Wishlist. They ask you a few questions about your style and then, based on your answers and Wishlist, send you three items. Two of them are picked by you straight from your Wishlist and the last one is handpicked for you, based on your style. This is one of the coolest parts of the program, I think. It’s like Christmas, because you get a surprise piece of jewelry in your shipment that’s tailored specifically to your taste. Here was my first shipment:


I got this pendulum necklace from my Wishlist:


And this pinecone necklace, also from my Wishlist:


Here it is on (it was my favorite. It looked cute with anything and was perfect for fall) with a simple white t-shirt:


And this delicate hammered-bead bracelet was their choice for me. I really liked it! I wouldn’t have thought to try it, so I appreciate their ideas of what I might like because I now found a new style that works for me. This was my dark horse!


Here it is on:


The items are valued at a total of hundreds of dollars, but don’t worry, the insurance is covered by Hatch in case anything is damaged. I was grateful for that when the dainty bracelet had a silk cord that accidentally got snagged when I was tightening it on my arm!
They arrive in individual boxes inside of a large package and are each in a cloth bag inside of their box.


Included was a welcome letter


A description of each item, retail cost, and the 20% off Ambassador cost. There’s also an area to fill in how much you liked or didn’t like each item and why. They’ll use that to help with future shipments.



I kept mine for a week, then sent them back in the prepaid envelope (shipping is free both ways)


According to the tracking # they provided me with, my next shipment should be arriving today!!! I’m really excited to see which items from my Wishlist are included and what they chose for me! UPDATE: My new package came today! The two from my list were the Branch Ring (which I put on as soon as I opened it. I’ll likely end up keeping that one!) and the rose gold colored Deer Antler Necklace, which I also love. The piece that the Hatch team chose for me was a pair of pinecone earrings which match the necklace I loved from my last shipment 🙂
I’m so happy to try these out!


In all, this program is absolutely genius. I couldn’t be happier and am looking forward to trying out their new 3D Printed jewelry!

Oh, and the Hatch Ambassador program recently received rave reviews from InStyle magazine, too!

“File this under too good to be true.”
– InStyle


So, check it out Here and see for yourself how fun this is! With a free trial, you’ve got nothing to lose!!

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