FREE box of snacks from Love With Food!


Love With Food - Snack Smart. Do Good.

When I got my first box (it was a freebie just like you get from the link above!) from Love With Food, I was impressed…Impressed by the amount of items in the box at first. Then, as I pulled the items out of the box, the selection was great. I had sweet snacks, savory snacks, and everything in between. The best part was the taste. It was like someone went through all the products that sound great in the store, tested them all, picked out only the super awesome ones, and then boxed them up adorably and sent them to me with love, like they were my mama or something.


I waited until my second box to write this review. Some of the products were so good that I was searching to buy them while I was still eating them!

There are so many reasons that this is the best $10 I spend each month.
-I couldn’t buy these products at the store for $10, let alone have them shipped to my home!
-There’s everything from seasonings and sauces to candy and chips.
-These are natural products and carefully selected for being smart food choices.
-These aren’t bland or boring. There’s fun in each box. It feels like a mini-Christmas when it comes in the mail. My family gathers around to “call dibs” on the items as I pull them out of the box! (That’s totally true, by the way. Like a pack of wild animals!)
-For each box sent, a meal is donated to a hungry child in the US. Each month, I know I’m doing something good. Not only for us with these smart snack choices, but for a child who won’t go to sleep hungry.
-As a subscriber, you get member discounts on items in their shop!
-They offer (for a small fee) gluten-free boxes instead.
-These would make the perfect present for anyone in your life and it doesn’t get much cheaper than $10! (Or free!)


When you sign up, your first box is FREE! After you receive your free box, you can cancel or you can enjoy the automatic shipments each month. If you choose to cancel, here’s how:


I can’t imagine wanting to cancel this subscription. I can’t recommend it highly enough! Be sure to share your experience once you receive your free box!!

Love With Food - Snack Smart. Do Good.

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