Great deals on freezer storage for your garden harvest!


Tupperware has really great deals going on until July 25, 2014!

Everyone knows, trusts, and loves Tupperware. They offer a lifetime warranty on their products and are made in the US. The product molds are made around the globe (you’ll see the mold’s country of origin on the bottom of the items, if applicable), and the products sold in the US are made in the US. They offer a safe and well-known work at home opportunity and are honest and fun to be a part of, whether you’re hosting a party, becoming a consultant, moving up to manager (or higher!), or a customer. Their consultant incentives are second to none.

They have huge freezer storage sets, which are perfect for all of your garden veggies. Don’t let them go bad! This way, you can freeze them and enjoy garden-fresh veggies in the middle of winter!

You can view the online party here under “Amy’s Party ending 7/25” to order! This party closes at 9pm EST to take advantage of all of these great limited time sales. The orders can ship directly to you anywhere in the US! If you’re interested in becoming a consultant or hosting a party anywhere in the US, you can inquires about that through this blog or here!

To see all the products in the sale in action, check out this video!

Here are some of my favorite items in this sale:








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