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I can’t count how many times people question the socialization aspect of home schooling. It always seems to be the first response when I say I homeschool my children. This is an honest post dealing with that.

What About Socialization?

People are always concerned about my homeschooled children not getting enough socialization or not getting the appropriate socialization.  It is assumed they will all grow up to be socially inept adults with no idea how to socialize.  I somehow think the chance of them learning socially awkward skills has more to do with me (an introvert) being their mom than it has a to do with them being homeschooled.  So I suppose the odds are stacked against them since they are homeschooled by me.

However, against all odds, all indications point to them not only knowing how to aptly socialize, but they seem to flourish in social settings.  Some of them have been told on more than one occasion by different adults that those adults can tell they were homeschooled because they socialize so well.  This is totally counter to what I hear from people up until that magical moment that someone…

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