To the man who volunteered to be my Dad on Father’s Day…



Happy Father’s Day to the man who stepped up and loved me like his own daughter. He was the best dad I could have asked for and always loved me and was there any time I needed him.
My dad was horrible. Quite honestly, the most awful person I’ve ever known.
When we left my dad when I was about 15, it was in the middle of the night after he’d hit my mom and choked me until I was losing consciousness when I tried to help her and call the police. He ripped the phone out of the wall as I called 911, but the call got through and the police came to save us. We left in the dark and had almost no clothes with us or anything. We showed up at my Granddad’s house at around 4 in the morning. As soon as he saw us, he said “you can stay here as long as you like. Come on in. I’ll make you a bed.”
He made us breakfast before school daily and I remember always having salad on the table with every meal. He would treat us to homemade banana splits and his famous vegetable soup. He even made a separate beef-free version just for me. 
He was always my shelter in the storm and my rock. He loved me and my kids so much. He would call me and say “Bring the kids! It’s time to pick the blueberries!” and we’d pick berries together and he’d make us each tiny blueberry pies. He came to spend time with us once or twice a week every week until he died. He would bring the kids cookies, candy, graham crackers,  bananas and orange juice every time he came over. He brought so many that we still have at least ten boxes and he passed away almost a year ago. Every time I was in the hospital, he was there nearly every single day.
And every time I thanked him, he’d say “That’s what Granddads are for!”
To the man who rescued us, loved us, kept us safe, and always made sure I had a sweater on when I left the house…Happy Father’s Day. You were truly the best.






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