Minecraft Homeschool Server! What a great idea!



You know how sometimes you click on a link, then notice another one on that page and, a few minutes later, you have no clue how you got to the page you’re on? That happened to me today and I’m so glad I wandered to this website!
While I am not religious, many people are, so that may be an added bonus for lots of homeschoolers. My favorite part is the Minecraft-centric vehicle for homeschool learning they offer!
I haven’t used this yet, but wanted to share this cool idea.
They have many different features at a nominal fee (most look like a very minimal cost) where your child can learn while playing Minecraft on the home computer. Homeschoolers and Non-Homeschoolers rejoice!
This is a win-win. Kids love Minecraft and get to play their favorite game. Parents love when their children are not only learning, but having fun at the same time. This is an ingenuous marriage of both.

To see for yourself and get more info from the creator herself, check out When You Rise Up.

*May contain affiliate links. All opinions are always my own


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