Getting the Hang of it but Feeling Awful Our Gluten-Free week #2


It’s only our gluten-free second week but we’ve noticed some results…None of which have been good yet.
So far, my joint pain has been so bad that walking is nearly impossible some days, my son (has Autism and ADHD) is getting letters home for troubling behavior and acting “not himself”, my daughter has an unexplained fever of 101.7 for a day and a half. In addition, we have all been EXHAUSTED. I’ve been falling asleep sitting up and even while talking. My son fell asleep in school today and my daughter and boyfriend have been feeling what they describe as “lazy”.
I was told by some people that they’d felt this way also in the beginning, so there must be a connection. I’m not a doctor so I’m not even going to try to give an explanation.
I do know that I fell asleep playing with my daughter and she was laughing at me for saying things in my half-sleep while playing that were completely nonsensical. (I apparently had the hippo I was pretending to be choose “scrambled eggs” as his baked goods in the toy bakery. lol) I’ve been nodding off during conversation.
The funny thing is that, while we’ve all felt dog tired, we’ve all been getting more sleep than normal. We’ve been still taking our vitamins and eating the gluten-free items in our favorite meals.
I hope to have a resolution for this soon…

On the other hand, I am getting much more comfortable with gluten-free shopping and cooking. I found Gluten-Free Bisquick, which is a life saver!

We had this delicious Chicken and Dumplings recipe with exchanges made of gluten-free items when necessary (I made myself a separate vegetarian version). It was wonderful!

I simply used the Bisquick biscuit recipe on back as my dumplings. They were fluffy and perfect!

Tonight, we had lasagna with gluten-free rice noodles (they sell on Amazon in packs of 12, which is handy), and salads. They were delicious, but I’d recommend using a little more sauce than normal because they seem to absorb more than traditional pasta.

The food’s getting more fun to make and eat…hopefully we’ll have the energy to enthusiastically show it soon!

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