Got these Smart TVs for Christmas for my kids. Here’s a review from the few days


This makes three Vizio TVs for our home. We loved our living room TV and the capabilities of a smart TV so much that the kids got them in their rooms. They have internet apps like Netflix and Hulu (that’s one of the big reasons I got them).
I’d recommend them, but the only issue I find is that they tilt back when on their stands. It makes the viewing angle a little odd, but I’m sure if we mounted them, it would be better.

If anyone’s interested, they are available at I would not buy from the store as I did first and they had the non-smart TV model mistakenly marked as and sold as the smart TV. I had to return it and order online for site-to-store pickup instead. It was an ordeal that caused me to spend 2 hours waiting on manager approval in the store, so I how I can avoid somebody else that same hassle by just ordering it online 🙂

I got 24″, but they make them in a lot of other sizes.


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